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  • People from Ukraine cannot visit the UK with out a visa and if your boyfriend is from Ukraine he will find it impossible to obtain a work permit in the UK and who will pay the very expensive fees for you to study in the UK even if you were granted a visa.

    Your parents are right, many girls are abducted and sold into prostitution but they have no right to beat you. If your boyfriends intentions are serious he would be trying to show your parents his intentions were honourable and marry you. 
    There is a lot of fighting in the Ukraine at the moment and things are very unsettled so if you married where would you live?

    You and your boyfriend need to come down to earth and become more practical about your future.

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  • Hi confused6171,
    You do not say what you are currently doing with your life, or what you want to do. I see you are 22, so you are no longer a minor and your parents can't actually make you do anything. However, you also don't seem to know this man very well and getting married to somebody you met once and moving overseas is a hell of a decision. If your boyfriend is really willing to come live in India for a few months and marry you, I would say tell him to move to India, but wait a little while before getting married! Give your parents a chance to know him and to see that he treats you well (if he does!) and give yourself a chance to see if you really love him. Do not just run off with this guy because you want to get away from your parents as you could find yourself in a much worse situation.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your advice Ella,

  • I should also add that it is absolute nonsense that a Ukraine citizen can work in the UK because his relative lives there , he has visited once and had an interview.

    Work Permits in the UK are rationed to highly skilled migrants in specialised shortage occupations applied for by an employer who has to prove that a person from the EU cannot be employed for the position.

    I totally agree with Ella and hope you find a way to work through this.
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  • Hello confused

    If you are only taking into account that he is willing to spend money on you then you are very much mistaken. 4-5k GBP can be nothing compared to what these scumbags can get paid. 
    Moreover, the amount he needs to transfer to your account can be taken back (with your approval or forcefully when you are with him) after your visa is approved.

    I know Indian parents can be unreasonably tough on their kids but hey, they are still parents and thinks best for their kids.

    When you say your mother beats you, do you mean slapping you instead of grounding or you mean really beating you up leaving you with marks etc.?
    This question may sound absurd, but I have a long career in journalism and I have seen Indian culture and how parents treat their kids over there.
    They should not raise a hand on you not specially you are old enough to take care of yourself.

    Indian culture is very complicated and you MUST not compare yourself to western girls/boys of your age.

    You deserve every right to be happy and even the happiest girl on this planet, but decisions like these should not be taken in a hurry or when you feel low.

    So, I totally agree with Ella and Alethia. He should come to you and marry you in India while you have contact with people who care for you.
    Leaving people close to you, friends and people you have blood relations with is like cutting your own wings while you are trying to fly high and long distance.

    I am new here and I hope my opinion help you or someone else reading this in the future.

    Good Luck 
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