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Child Passport

edited August 2014 in - Greece and Cyprus

Hi, I booked to travel on 21/08/14 for a weeks holiday for son and me, only to find that his UK passport runs out on the 24/08/14.

Will we be allowed to enter Crete and will we be allowed back into the UK?

Any help will be most apppreciated




  • Hi Laverne,
    As you are British passport holders you should actually be fine. British passports endorsed 'British Citizen' only have to be valid on arrival in Greece. And you will never have a problem getting back into your own country. If your son's passport is endorsed anything other than British Citizen it is worth checking the requirements with an official source. 
  • Sorry Ella I have to disagree . EU regulations state that for travel within the European Union the passport must be valid for the duration of stay. The child's passport expires three days into the holiday and he would not be allowed on a return flight with an expired passport even as a British citizen.

    Laverne needs to go to the passport office immediately and obtain a new passport for her son. 
  • My apologies Laverne, I have just double-checked and it seems Alethia is right. You will need to immediately apply for a new passport for him.
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