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replacement marriage certificate

edited August 2014 in Caribbean
Can anyone advise me on how to go about getting a replacement marriage certificate. I got married in 1990 on St Lucia in Club St Lucia. I need it urgently for insurance purposes. Many thanks.


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    To acquire a copy of your Marriage Certificate you have to do the following:

    Write a formal letter addressed to the Registrar to the following address:

            Registry of Civil Status
            Peynier Street
            Saint Lucia, WI

    You need to include in that letter:

    1. Date of Marriage
    2. Names of Parties (Husband and Wife)
    3. Maiden name of the Bride
    4. Where you got married (e.g. Hotel)
    5. Payment

    If you want a speedy delivery then you have to send along with the letter a prepaid FedEx package.


    Send with the letter a Postal Order or Money Order  payable to The Registrar.
    Once the payment has been received then the certificate will be done for you.

    For further information you can email  [email protected] or call 1 (758) 468-3195

  • Laurie63, I forgot to add that I could not find the price of the replacement certificate you will need to contact the registry office , payment is usually in US$.
    You may find this to be a slow process.
  • Thankyou Alethia I have already sent an email using the above email address and it failed. I am very apprehensive about sending money to another country and not knowing if it will actually get to the correct address. I have read on other forums that people did this and are still waiting for their certificates a year later despite phoning to try and hurry it up. I need it urgently and can't afford to wait.. It would be helpful if there was an agency who did it directly but I guess no such luck.
  • No agency, but maybe a wedding planner based in St Lucia could help you. As for sending money, if you do not send money you won't get your certificate.
    Perhaps you should have taken better care of your original marriage certificate as there is no way you will have this certificate urgently.
  • Perhaps I should have but that comment is is neither useful or helpful.
  • My comment was to highlight that a marriage certificate is a legal document and should cared for accordingly. If you had registered your St Lucian marriage via the British High Commission you could now obtained a copy of your marriage certificate in the UK
    You emailed the register office, but it clearly says write a formal letter. If you send the letter and money via Fedex or DHL you will have proof it has been submitted. You may want to contact the British High Commission in St Lucia for assistance.
  • I am well aware that it is a legal document and for your information when I did go to register it 24 years ago I was told that it was not an option. Your comments were rude and most definitely not required. You don't know anything about my circumstances or why I no longer have them. You should try showing a little tact. I came on here for advice and now I feel like I've been lectured like a silly wee school girl.
  • Depositing marriage documents was definitely an option in 1990 the service was only discontinued this year

    You have totally misconstrued my comments,I have given addresses and suggestions how to get assistance, if you feel like a "silly wee girl" its down to you and your circumstances.
  • My bank no longer does money orders and i can't get a Postal order for dollars. As i live in England. Do they accept any other form of payment.
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