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China visa for cruise passenger

edited August 2016 in - China
I have a problem regarding my China tourist visa. I have double entry visa, but it has been suggested that I might need a different one. We will be flying into Shanghai for a couple of days before boarding a cruise ship. We will spend 3 days in port in Tianjin( bejing). And it has been suggested to me that every time I disembark from the ship during those three days, it is counted as another entry. Doesn't sound right to me. Once the ship leaves Tianjin, we will not be returning to China, as we disembark in Yokohama and fly home from there. Anyone had any experience of this.


  • I have recently been asked a similar question. @Alethia, do you by any chance have any insight to offer? If a cruise ship doesn't leave Chinese waters is a multiple entry Chinese visa still required or will a single-entry one suffice? For cruises I usually advise that the passengers check with the cruise operator for this sort of thing but I would love to know for future reference...
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