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Applying for spouse visa to uk

Can u please help us to know if what are the requirements of applying spousevisa..i am a filipino but i married british citizen.thanks for ur time


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    Your British spouse must be working and earning a minimum of £18,600 for
    at least six months before the application. (Unless they are disabled and in receipt of disability benefit or carers allowance)

    They must have:-

    6 months’ payslips

    6 bank statements that show the salary going in. Bank statement of
    savings if they have one.

    P.60 (yearend tax document)

    Letter from the UK employer stating length of employment, job title,
    salary, NI number and that the payslips are authentic

    Proof of your spouse’s home, rental agreement or mortgage 

    Council tax bill

    Electric, gas, water bills no older than six months

    Proof of contact between you, emails, phone bills, Skype or WhatsApp
    conversations printed out.

    Marriage certificate

    Some wedding photos

    Your passport 

    Copy of your spouse’s passport showing the bio page and all entry and
    exit stamps to the Philippines especially the dates when you married.

    If you or your spouse has been married before you must supply the
    divorce or death certificate of the previous spouse.


    It is very difficult to apply for a UK visa and I suggest your spouse
    seeks help from a lawyer in the UK.


  • Awe thank you for the is a big help for both if us :)

  • How about the applicants can you tell me what rewuirements should i prepare please.thanks
  • I do not understand your question , I have given you all the requirements for the application.
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