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Can you enter Canada from the US if you have a DUI?



  • Well think I have a one to top all.
    I am an airline pilot.
    35 years ago i got popped for simple possession of marijuana while 23 years old in the usa.
    Nothing here, was in the military at the time and they even ignored it, said one chance no more.
    Held high security clearances never smoked it again.
    Tonight i entered Canada as crew,flying civilian cargo.
    Customs agent questioned me on this from 35 years ago.
    Said I needed to produce papers next time saying this is off my record, which no one here in usa cares about useless things such as this 35 years ago.
    Did not plan on staying in Canada, just drop cargo and leave.
     Immigration Woman made me feel like a criminal, don't ever want to return there.
    There is something seriously wrong with this picture!
    Everything I have read says that over 10 years for simple things such as this should be not even looked at.
    35 years is a long time and I even bet they smoked some dope back then.

  • Sorry to hear about your troubles standback, but your situation is not unique. CBSA on the Canadian side and CBP on the US side can both be vindictive organizations and there are LOTS of stories similar to yours going in BOTH directions.

    At least your situation is easily rectified, simply apply for criminal rehabilitation and it will be rubber stamped and you'll never have to worry about problems at the border again.

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    hi...Can you enter Canada from the US if you have a DUI? Well, this is just all extraordinarily confusing. I'm a guest on this site, and I appreciate all the comments and information here. I'm also a former attorney, and I've spent a couple of days doing research on the dui/minor conviction barring entry to Canada issue. For those folks with recent convictions
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    Though I am quite sure that you can enter as long as you don’t get pulled up at border for other reasons. One of my friends who had a DUI charge since last few years, consulted a Los Angeles DUI lawyerand is in Canada for over a year.
  • You can't go by one person's experience. Every case is treated differently and it depends on host of things ranging from your conviction to your rehabilitation. And it also depends on the officer who reviewing your case. Some may be lenient than others. There are some useful information in this blog which could help answer some of the most common concerns.
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