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help applying for a US visa

edited August 2014 in - West Africa
I've been dating a girl for 19months now , her mom want me to come to the US so we can meet each other , am 17 from Lagos Nigeria , please any help or info is greatly needed because I don't know anything bout it


  • Dating? You mean meeting on the internet? That is not dating.You should be meeting girls in the real world not on the net.

    Firstly you are not yet eighteen and therefore not an adult. Secondly unless you or your parents are wealthy it is highly unlikely at the age of 17 you will be granted a US tourist visa.
    The visa you need is a B2 non immigrant tourist visa.

    Frankly I think your girlfriends mother knows you wont get a visa.
  • what bout a student exchange program
  • or is there any other way?
  • The only exchange programme I know about is P4L (Partnerships for learning youth exchange and study) funded by the US government. 
    Even if you were on a student exchange programme you could end up on an exchange thousands of miles from your girl friend. Its highly unlikely that you would get on such a programme unless your school or university is participating and competition will be great.

    What concerns me is your idea of dating. Before computers came along, this girl you have befriended on the net would be a pen pal, someone you wrote to. Because you can see her on a web cam you think its real and you are dating. The girls mother should have more sense than to encourage you on this wild goose chase

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