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Lagos Nigeria

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Hallo,I apologize for my English, Im writening from Czech Republic I was just wondering how long it took an American citizen to get from Lagos Back to U.S. with the help of the American Embassywith no money at all. I have friend there and I want to know if he's lying to me. He is waiting for weeks now!Thank you


  • Of course he is lying. It takes a matter of days for the Embassy to assist someone.
    Let me guess you met this "friend" on line. He is from the US and was working on a contract in Nigeria when he lost everything, was not paid, was robbed , overstayed his visa and has no mobey. What was your friends story? He only has you and soon he will want you to send him money if he has not already asked.

    He is a scammer  do not send him moneyand you stop all contact with him.
    There are many stories like yours on this forum,
  • he said the embassy aren't attending to anyone at the moment and hundreds americans are standing and shouting outside every day. I send him some money already and pictures too!!! I don't know what to do now. I have his passport # and name . should I call police?
  • Are you so gullible that you believe this rubbish? Do you think hundreds of Americans would be outside the American Embassy and its not on the world news? Its almost laughable. 

    The passport is certainly fake. Call the police and they will tell you the same as me. DO NOT send money to someone you have never met.
    You are being scammed. Stop now, thats what you must do.
  • i believe because of the Ebola virus there. thank you very much four your help. I will stop talking to him.
  • Do not send money. The U.S. Embassy will help if it's not a scammer.
  • Hello, Did anyone see this note before ? I met a person on internet she sent to me and asking for money. Is this real or scams ?

                                            AVIATION DECLARATION

    Dear Passengers.

    Under the Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Excise & Preventive Service ( FRNEP).

    You are therefore remind that, before you depart from MMA Nigeria, you nedd to declare yourself with the minimum amount of US$3,000.00 ( Three Thousand United State Dollars) and above for Airport declaration check.

    The FRNEP have the right to check if you have the amount stated above, at any check point.

    Please note that failure to do so, FRNEP have the legal right to deny you for boarding point.

    Please note that failure to do so, FRNEP have the legal right to deny you for boarding your flight to your destination.



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    This is a scam. Do not send this person money.There is no such department in Nigeria as the Federal Republic of Nigeria Excise & Preventive Services and there is definitely no requirement to have $3,000 before you leave Nigeria or any other country in the world.

    By the way MMA Nigeria stands for Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos Nigeria. I dont know if you have ever flown abroad but if you have, you will know, no one asks you how much money you have when you leave the airport.

    The notice the man sent you is what is known as a BTA ( basic travel allowance ) or PTA ( personal travel allowance ) scam and is often used by Nigerians. 

    Stop all contact with this man and I repeat DO NOT SEND MONEY -IT'S A SCAM

  • Thanks ALethia

  • I am Citizen of Nigeria. I submitted my application and I learnt the process take 2-15 days depend on the consular which the application was forward to. It has been going to 25 working days now still yet i'd not read from the consular. Can anybody tell me what might be the course/ problem.  
  • Osinsinma, there is more than one Consulate in Lagos so you need to say the country of the Consulate as each country has its own rules and processing times.
  • When flying from Lagos to the US can you purchase you flight on line or does it have to be purchased at the airport?
  • @queenie7148
    You can purchase on line or from a travel agent no need to go to an airport
  • PiuPiu
    edited November 2016
    Hi am new here and i need help, I have been chatting with a white guy claiming he is from the UK, it's almost 3 years now..I have never seen him we meet on FACEBOOK, after a while he told me that he's got a 2 months contract in Asaba Nigeria and since then he has been asking for money from me and i gave him so many times because i had a Job in THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA and now am back home left with nothing because i gave him am all of my four years savings and until now he still ask for more..I told him to ask form his family members or friends but he told me that he has no one in this world except from me and his 6 years old son,, every time i gave him money he tells me that he will leave Nigeria in 2 days and then he will send back all the money i sent to him but after the teo days or less he comes up with something else. I paid for there tickets twice and then he said he got arrested at the airport twice and that he has to pay for bail money and for the BTA & PTA stupide me i sent all the money he asked for, after two days he come with something else that he has been kidnapped and that he has to pay for rundsome money i gave him again but now am so tired of his games because he has ruined my life. I have nothing to be proud of after the four years of hard work and sweat.
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    @Piu I'm afraid this is a classic scam. Every detail of his story is common to Nigerian romance scams, right down to the 6-year-old son. At this stage there is no way you can get your money back but please cut all ties with this criminal and never send a stranger on the internet money again. Nothing this man has told you about himself is true. He doesn't exist. He will just continue to feed you increasingly crazy stories - you will never meet him or get anything real or true from him.
  • @Piu
    You really should have finished with this criminal a long time ago. Your internet boyfriend is most likely a Nigerian in an internet cafe in Lagos.
    Ella is totally correct cut all ties now and move on with your life.
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