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edited August 2014 in - General Asia
My son want to travel to Nepal on community service work on September 20, returning 10 weeks later

We are South African, living in Boston USA.  I have seen that he does not need to get a visa up front, for Nepal but can get one one entry to the country.  

I have read that it is recommended that he should have 6 months validity on his passport when entering Nepal.  His passport expires in Feb 2015 and thus does not have 6 months. Time unfortunately does not permit to get a new passport prior to departure (It take 6 months to get a new South African passport here in the USA). Could you please provide me guidance on whether it would still be possible for him to travel

I appreciate your input

Kind Regards
Adine Stone
+1 978 821 8267


  • Hi Adinesa,
    I'm afraid my sources do say that six months passport validity from date of arrival are needed for South Africans travelling to Nepal. However, I would advise that you contact the nearest Nepalese embassy directly to ask them, as the official requirements are not always enforced.
  • Is visa required for traveling to Nepal?
  • Marina, how can anyone answer that question when you give zero clue of your nationality?

  • sorry again!! :) Bulgarian national
  • Bulgarians are granted 90 days visa on arrival in Nepal
  • Hi Marina, Alethia is quite right - you can get a visa on arrival valid for 90 days. Note though, that your passport should be valid for six months beyond your arrival date in the country.
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