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Moving to Mexico questions

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I am considering moving from Los angeles to chalaps just outside guadalajara to live (semi-retire). What issues will I have to be most aware of in the process, I plan to continue to do business in the US via internet, etc. What about my vehicle, residency requirement, travel.


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    It's difficult to work in Mexico - you can't take a job that a Mexican could do (you'd be taking a job from a local national). If there was a job that you were uniquely qualified for, you still have to apply and be approved for a work visa.
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    You shouldn't have a problem, since you are continuing to work for a company in the US via internet. I would suggest you get a tourist visa and leave the country every six months. Getting an FM3 requires a Mexican company to vouch for you. You need 5 years in a country to get an FM2 visa, and they are in the midst of changing the whole system. Cars over 10 years old are hard to insure, and those with US plates run into problems, at least in some parts of the country. Buy a car in Mexico??? It may be easier now to get Mexican plates on your car, but when I came, it was not possible. PLus, there were many times when I was not allowed to drive the car. It may not be the same in Guadalajara--I live in Mexico City. Living in Mexico is very rewarding, and Chapala is beautiful. Good luck!
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