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Could you kindly provide input to our Havana New Year's Eve Plan....

edited September 2014 in - Cuba
Hi Terry,

My wife an I are US Citizens currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  We plan to visit family in Florida over XMas/New Year's Eve and have planned a Cuba trip.  We have booked tickets to Bahamas from Miami and then to Havana, Cuba.  Here are some questions....

1)  What documentation we need to fly from Bahamas to Havana, Cuba?  I believe we need a tourist card.  Can I get the Tourist Card at the Ho Chi Minh City Cuban Consulate here in Vietnam?  Or do I need to get it at Nassau Airport prior to departure?

2)  I booked American Airlines from Miami into Nassau and 3 hrs after arrival, we catch the Bahama Air flight to Havana.  Any input as to avoid trouble with US Immigration at Nassau upon our return from Havana?  I know Bahamas will Stamp our passports upon entry and once again on exit from Bahamas.  Then I expect Bahamas will Stamp our passport once we return from Havana.  I understand Nassau is one of those airports that the US Immigration Entry is actually done at the Bahamas Airport....Will they care?

Finally, I could use some guidance on booking hotels, etc.....any pointers?  Many thanks.


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