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Visiting South Africa

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Hi All 
I require urgent opinions.
Me and My family(4) are planning to visit the city of Pretoria during mid-September and I would like your opinion on safety precautions,places to visit and specifically Timings.I will respect help in any way possible.

P.S: Me and my sister were planning on going to lions park and the national zoological gardens.I would like to know if it is safe to visit there with a DSLR camera to record our memories. Thanks in advance for your help. :D


  • Hi Deedahwar,

    A lot of the warnings you hear about South Africa are rather trumped up and designed to scare people away. You will be perfectly safe bringing your camera, and any precautions I would advise are simply common sense for an major city (don't leave valuables visible in your parked car, keep watch on your belongings in busy urban areas, etc.)

    Are you just going to Pretoria? Or are you exploring more of South Africa on your trip? Here's a good guide for things to do in Pretoria to get you started on trip-planning.
  • Hi Anya, 

    Thanks for your help.My father would like to visit Jo'burg too. What amuses me about South Africa is its nature and that was the reason why I want to take a good camera with me.Have you ever been to Pretoria?How is it like? Just curious though.We have a room in capital hotel is it in a good location?

    If you need any help about visiting Pakistan.Feel free to ask.
  • Hi Deedahwar

    If you are coming all the way from Pakistan are you only going to visit Pretoria & Johannesburg? They are close to each other so you won't be seeing much of the country and the nature that you are so keen to see.
    If you could tell me which Capital Hotel you are staying at I can give you more information about location.

    Some things to consider:
    1 - have you booked your private transfers or are you going to get a taxi from the airport? Getting a taxi is often more expensive that a pre booked transfer
    2 - are you driving yourself? If so have you booked your car and got your international drivers license? If you aren't driving how are you getting around? Are you going to book tours whilst you are here? 
    3 - if you want to see the nature are you going to do a safari? Have you booked this or are you going to do this when you arrive?

    My name is Jenni and I am the South Africa travel expert here on Word Travels. If you would like to get in touch you can email me on [email protected] Our website is for more details that will prove helpful.

    Anya is quite correct is saying that you should just be streetwise as you would be in any other worldwide city. Opportunist crime is all over the world such as pickpockets. 

    Do let me know if you need further assistance and if not, travel safely!
  • edited September 2014
    Actually I have made all of the prep ahead of our tour. I just wanted safety precautions and wanted to know about the cities since it is an official visit and we wanted to hang around a bit too.I have learnt about many places in/around Pretoria i.e Lions Park,Zoological and Botanic gardens,natural reserves,Landmarks(Vortekker Monument etc),Union Buildings and museums. I just want to know if it safe to take valuables like an expensive camera,cell phones etc to these places.
    Thanks Anya and Jenni for your help. :)

  • We actually made a change of plans. I will head out to Cape Town and then to Pretoria.
  • I'd say that's an excellent plan! Cape Town is an amazing place with a wealth of things to see and do. Check out this Cape Town travel guide for some ideas.
  • I live close 2 pretoria. It is very safe. Just keep ur belongings close. And dont let ur things outa sight. And try blend in. Because crooks go 4 people that stand out. And dont cary cash on ur person. Many places u can visit here.
  • I met a guy from Nigeria in the internet and now he want to visit me here in Port Elizabeth for a few months stay.  He suggested that I apply for a visitation letter for him from our P.E. embassy.  how do I go about doing that I don't know where to start?  and what he suppose to have when he is coming down here?  can you please help me.  
  • I smell a rat here! Do you know this person? If not I would stay well away
  • thanks I don't know him, we just met on the CCDF site. 
  • A few months stay ! That's a bit over the top. If this man wants to visit South Africa he needs to apply for a South African visa in Lagos or Abuja Nigeria. The SA immigration authorities will determine the length of his stay in south Africa,

    There is no such embassy in Port Elizabeth.

    How can you think of inviting a man you have only met on the internet and know nothing about. If this man wants to meet you I suggest he makes his own way. Do not help him or send money.
  • Thank you very much Alethia will do just that...he never ask help or money.  he only suggested about invitation letters from here and nigeria....thanks again
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