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how long does it take to get married in tunisia?

edited September 2014 in - Tunisia
I'm Tunisian girl who live in seoul, south korea I'm already married here with my korean husband but i still have visa problem so we wanna go back to tunis to get married there ones again~ well as i see the document is not so hard to make it but my husband don't have single certified anymore cause he already got married with me and our marriage is registered in korea so should we just give them our marriage certificate instead he's single certified?  And one more question please my husband so busy working so he can't stay more than 7 to 10 days maximum in tunisia . Is that problem? As i see in some comments many said they should be there around 2 weeks or 21 days ! I really wonder why ! My husband already convert to islam in korea but tunisian government said he must go tunisian mofti to convert (so stupid) islam is everywhere not only in tunis~ its not even cheap the airplane ticket is more than 3 mille Tnd  so it will be ×2 bloody expinsive ! Anyway as i see he just need to be in tunisia to get the islam certified and signe our marriage papaer and go back to korea ~ and i will wait im tunisia to finish the rest (waiting our marriage papaer to be registered and get my f6 visa) then i fly back to korea! So what do u think ? Plz any good answers here? Thanks



  • Innaperla, I think it is highly unlikely that you can marry once again here. You have a valid and legal marriage in South Korea. Is this a suggestion by the immigration in SK? Have you consulted a lawyer there? I admit that I have no idea about SK visas but cant understand that if you have a legal marriage there you must remarry here to be eligible for a visa. What is the visa you have now, and is it still valid. Perhaps if you need to be out of the country when your husband apply for spouse visa, then only you come back here and wait. You should also perhaps register your marriage here and have this notation placed in your certificate de naissance.

    has your husband sought advice from a lawyer there? It sounds to me that perhaps he should so that he gets exact and correct information.
  • salama alaikum inshallah u r fine as u r helpin peopls so allah will care of u inshallah iam kader from algeria i want to meet a girl in tunisia soon inshallah for gettin married i want to know what can we do what papers we need as she is from london i wait ur answer sister
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