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Canadian visas required even if there is no disembarkation?

edited September 2014 in - Canada
My mother holds a Mexican passport. One of the cruise stops is in Canada. Does she still need a visa even if she will not be disembarking?


  • She doesn't need a visa if she doesn't plan to leave the ship, no. Otherwise she will need a visa.
  • Hi Anya,

    My mom holds a Chinese visa with 10 year US visa. I booked a Alaska cruise which has 6 hours stop in Victoria, BC Canada. I'd like to ask/confirm if it's true that she won't need a Canadian visa if she doesn't leave the ship.

    I did chatted online with the cruise rep and was told she'll still need visa even that she doesn't plan to disembark.
  • edited August 2015
    Unfortunately the cruise ship rep is correct. Unlike many countries Canada doesn't make exceptions for organized tours, everyone requires a Visa and they don't make an exception even if Mom doesn't leave the ship. Sounds kinda stupid, but that's the deal.

    Hope Mom has a great trip.

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