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Staying in a hotel with my gifrleidn in Sharm El Shiekh

edited September 2014 in - Egypt

I am going to Sharm El Sheikh with my girlfriend in mid October.

My question is: do the hotels there allow two unmarried couples to share a room? We are both foreigners. None of us are Egyptian. Is it forbidden or acceptable? I don't want to face problems with any hotel

Also, which hotel do you recommend in Sharm el sheikh who would be friendly to unmarried couples?

thank you


  • Hi Vonderjohn,
    Generally the resort hotels in Sharm el Sheikh have no problem with unmarried tourists sharing a room so long as they are not Egyptian or Muslim. When locals try to share a room with foreign partners they often run into problems. You do not say what nationality you are which makes it hard to say exactly, but my advice would be to contact the hotel in advance and ask what their policy is before booking.
  • Hi Vonderjohn
         first, I wish you a nice vacation in Sharm Elshaikh, you choose the right time of the year as weather is nice there at that time.  As for stay in hotels, it is not an issue at all and they never ask, or it is not there business at all in hotels if you are married or not. In Egypt, we understand that relations in Europe and other parts in teh world is not same as in Egypt ( different culture ) 
       Any way, I am managing a Travel company and if you need any assist or services any where around Egypt, let me ceased it and be one of your choices.

    Mohamed Elzeer
    Ican Travel Agency
  • hello dear

    dont ask about that all hotels in egypt dont ask if you married or not have a nice time 

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