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UAE Visa

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I have a libyan friend who intend to visit Dubai in December and his having a problem getting the CID letter here in Libya since the office is closed due to the clashes.Maybe you can give some information on how he can apply for Tourist visa individually.


  • scan the letter and sent it to him through internet since the office is closed
  • Hi Ashiraf,

    The office is closed and he cannot get CID letter.I think that is required for libyans so that they can apply for tourist visa to go to Dubai.
  • I am an indian & I hold indian passport. My passport expires on 24/05/2016. Can I travel to Dubai on 19/11/2015 & come back to india on 30/11/2015. Will I get visa
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    @jesvin, luckily the most passport validity any country requires is six months so you should be just fine. Indian citizens require three months of passport validity for a three-month stay in the UAE and six months validity for a visit exceeding three months.
  • Thank you so much Ella Johnson. It is such a big relief.
  • I am a new member at this Word Travels site.I need a visa to dubai,but I am a citizen of malian (Mali)
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    Here is how to apply for a visa for Dubai, please note you are expected to fly Emirate airlines.

    Here is some valuable information for you.

    A visa is required for citizens of Mali

    Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the arrival date.
    Passengers with a hand-written passport are not allowed to enter at Dubai (DXB).
    Passengers with dual nationality must present the same passport at immigration upon entry and departure.

    Visa Issuance:
    Holders of normal passports and a copy of pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival, provided holding a passport valid at least 6 months on arrival. Pre-arranged visa must be deposited by the sponsor at the Immigration Authorities and can be issued for 96 hours, 30 or 90 days.
    Deportation on the same flight will follow if sponsor (or representative) is not present at the time of passenger's arrival at the airport.

    Additional Information:
    All visitors must:
    - hold documents for their next destination;
    - have sponsor in the UAE to cover their stay.
    Valid visas in expired passports are accepted provided accompanied by new passport.


    Visitors not holding return/onward tickets could be refused entry.
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