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Do I need a visa for Canada?

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I am a Filipino citizen, married to an American Citizen and has lived in the USA for almost a year. I have my green card but my passport is still under my single name. We plan on going to Canada, do I have to get a Canadian Visa?

Thank you for your reply!


  • These sorts of questions are always better answered by simply going to the embassy website and getting the correct info right from the source.

    You don't require a visa to eneter Canada, your Greeen Card is sufficient. Read all about it here:

    Have fun.

  • Please I want to know, I'm a Nigeria National in Mexico with a multiple visa do I need a visa to visit a friend in Bahamas? 

  • Yes, you do.
  • Thanks Anya K. How possible is it to get the Bahamas visa for two weeks and please can you advice me on how to go about it. Am new here in Mexico still have a valid visa for the next 6months. 
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    Chuks84, you need to apply for a visa for the Bahamas from the Bahamas Embassy in Mexico City. Here are the directions on how to apply:-  If you type in "Visa" in the search box on this site you will be given instructions how to apply for the visa,

    Bahamas Embassy Mexico 
    Río Lerma 71, Col Cuauhtémoc
    Mexico City
  • Nice one Alethia. Thanks a lot, your sure I have the right to apply for the Bahamas visa straight from here in Mexico with just the multiple visa in passport, or do I need a Mexico work permit or other paper before applying? Sorry I'm asking too much. I wanna be sure to avoid any problem. Thanks 
  • Hi Chuk84,
    If you check the eligibility section on the Bahamian website you will see that you simply need to be a foreigner wishing to travel to the Bahamas, it does not give any other criteria. I don't see how applying for a visa can give you a problem, the Bahamian authorities can say yes or no.

  • Hi. I'm an Indian citizen living in Texas having multiple entry visa for USA. I am planning to take an Alaskan cruise with port of arrival as Vancouver, Canada. I would be disembarking in Vancouver and then take a flight back to Houston the same day. Would I need a visitor visa or a transit visa for Canada would be sufficient?
  • A US non-immigrant visa does not entitle entry to Canada. You will require a transit visa the requirements are here
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