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Gibraltar travel advice

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Does anyone know if I need a passport to travel to Gibraltar? I am a British citizen and have photo id so have been told do not need passport.


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    Yes, a full valid passport is needed for British citizens.
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    What kind of holiday can I expect in Gibraltar? I was born there (leaving at 6 months) and have always wanted to return and visit my place of birth. My girlfriend is used to Beach Holidays whereas Im interested seeing and hearing interesting things...
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    There s a lot of history around the thing might be to contact the Gibraltar tourist office and sign up for some of the guided tours they arrange inside the galleries (tunnels dug into the rock to fire at the besieging French/Spanish troops) and the other natural caves etc. Theres plenty of beaches to choose from and of course the Spanish coast is just a short drive away too.
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    I want to travel to gibralter but dont know if i will need a visa. I am not a british citizen, but im living the the UK with resident permit. can anyone let me know so i can make arrangements.
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