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help me

edited October 2014 in - Malaysia
Mam what are the question will they ask when i go to malaysian embassy for visa..

If i have visa for working in malaysia ,what will they ask with me.
Plz tell me i will prepare for that.Plz help me.

Thank you


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    Hi Dinny. You have posted this question to the India Forums. If you want help to a question related to Malaysia. Please post to the "Malaysia Forum" for better results.

    Hope it helps!

    Timo Holm
  • Dinny, I have no idea what you will be asked at interview or if you will be interviewed at all. Whatever they ask at the interview  be honest, remember clearly names and addresses, dates of birth and any other details which you think are relevant such as how you found the job or how you met your wife etc
    Do not panic as you may become forgetful or make yourself look foolish.
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