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Visa Expiring...while citizenship is finalizing...!!

edited September 2014 in - Italy

We are in a very unusual circumstance: my husband is Italian & has never formalized my children's births with Italy or finalized my paperwork.  When we arrived we had thought my citizenship was done.  And had thought the kids citizenship would done by now--since all he has to do is turn in their birth certificates to the right ever it turns out to be complicated to know who to turn things into.  We are in Italy under 90 days...but have also been in Luxembourg, France, & Scotland...since June 17th.  I believe we are just short of 90 days total & the kids are starting school Monday. I know after their births are recognized in Italy, I need only apply for a visa within the country as "the mother of Italian Citizens" I get 5 problem.  If we stay here and everything expires but the kids births are announced....what are the repercussions? 

Rachel D.


  • I would be extremely annoyed with a husband who has failed to assist his wife and children.
    You need to go to an Italian lawyer to help you with these matters as a matter of urgency.Your children's citizenship should be straight forward as for your matter it can take several months to complete You will be able to stay in Italy while these matters are resolved with repercussions.

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