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about scam

edited September 2014 in - General Africa
Hai I send one guy who is in Nigeria. I found this guy in Facebook and given what's up fiber number.i contact through whatsup and order phone he said deposit 100 dollars for one mobile now he is telling unfortunately my boys made mistake ship for u 5 pcs so u have to deposit 100 dollars more then u will receive ur mobole is it scam anyone help he post his offers in Facebook as well and give mail I'd also


  • Please anyone help
  • Of course its a scam. NEVER send money to someone that you have not met or is not a bona fide company.
    Do not send any more money.
  • This is definitely a scam chikku. DO NOT send more money.
  • Madam he contact me again and telling that I shipped ur phones but it's in customs please beleive me I told him if I not received anything from you I will not send u money
  • I cannot get back my money back
  • Chikku, of course you wont get your money back. You gave a complete stranger money for a phone that you have never received. You need to stop all contact with this scammer . Hopefully you will have learned a lesson and wont be foolish and give money to strangers in future.
  • Thank u madam for helping me in a tough situation
  • Hi madam thanks for helping in situation but is really a scammed now he removed his add from Facebook all and I cannot msg him also so what I am going to tell here Is this guy cheated me no probs money come today and and going tomorrow so plz share this one to all people don't be caught
  • Plz tell all people who's is telling mobile is cheap it's 100 percentage fraud plz share to all my request
  • Hi madam one of friend send a money to one guy for mobile phones that given a tracking number too when checking the tracking number it's shows package handed over to delivery but when ask that guy he is telling send money again and u will received the phones i told he was fraud don't send any more money give me some advice I will tell him

    Tracking Number...1412065907
  • This is what he gave to my friend he paid almost 5200 aed and he need again 2500 aed otherwise he will make a compalint against him to the the police what will I do
  • Please help us
  • There's no way to help you... you two fell for the same scam twice. You'll never see your money again.

    Now please stop giving money to strangers on the internet.
  • Your friend paid the equivalent of $1400 for mobile phones, to someone he has never met and now the seller wants the same amount again. Firstly your friend is foolish for buying the phones in the first place and if he sends more money then he is even more of a fool.

    The seller threatens to make a complaint to the police and you both run around like headless chickens. Why are you unable to see that the person selling the phone is in the wrong not your friend?

    Anya is right , there is no way to help you. You need to help yourselves and stop giving money to strangers.

  • What will we do sister he gave me shipping details and tracking that's y beleive from now he will make a police complaint to us is it possible please tell me money lost is lost we can earn but take some times extra thank u
  • chikku, your money is gone, you will never see it again. You will never receive the cell phones, they never existed. The entire situation is a scam by a criminal. You were robbed. Period.

    Stop trying to make something out of nothing. Move on and treat this as a learning experience. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET!!!!

  • chikku, he's threatening you to try to get you to send more money. He will not phone the police. Cut your losses and move on.
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