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Jobs for retired people in Dubai

edited February 2016 in - Dubai

 I am a retired senior manager in an FMCG / Beverage sales back ground with 30 years experience.  What are the chances of getting a senior manager position in Dubai/KSA ?  Will they consider the resume with 58 years age ?  what is the retirement age in Dubai ?  I would like to go to Dubai after my retirement on a visitors VISA and look far a reasonable job.  Kindly help me out.  And also I would like to know how many days is the visiting visa will have validity and how many days validy a tourist visa will have.  Please let me know.  Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,
    I am a retired Logistics Superviser from ETISALAT having completed 18+ years in an Oracle Environment. Lots of experience in the field + administration skills. Still very energetic, looking for a position...
  • Young office workers are needed everywhere.
  • @yuhanson believe it or not the world and employment are not just for the young and in many countries there are laws against the descrimination of older people in the work place. Your response is ignorant and backwards.
  • @nazeem, can I suggest that you try this forum: They specialise in expat-related questions and may be able to advise you. I can say, however, that I know of two older men working very successfully in Dubai.
  • Hi. I am looking for retired person from 55 to 62 yrs of age in Dubai. Experience in Logistic specially in Dubai. Can work part time or full time,

    Contact +971557331337
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