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Overstayed in Bahamas

edited September 2014 in - Bahamas
Overstayed in Bahamas, and I met someone planning for marriage, it is possible to get married?
I have entered legally by air on my visitor valid visa for 3 months, and I have overstayed 6 months more, I have met someone and we are planning for marriage, I am just wondering it is possible to get married? also getting marriage certificate from the registrar office? then change status? another question is the immigration system in Bahamas same or similar to the USA immigration? Thanks  


  • The Bahamas have very strict immigration rules, you are now looking at a large fine or even detention pending deportation. If you are a US citizen you could have extended your visa, so there was no need to overstay.
    You need to contact a lawyer as overstaying is deemed a serious offence and matters are dealt with in court by a magistrate. As for marrying and changing status, you are illegal and therefore have no status to change!
    Go see a Bahamian immigration lawyer as a matter or urgency.
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