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Re entering germany


I'm an australian citizen with a uk study visa. I spent 3 months travelling europe for my holidays, and went back to England girl just under a month. I gave made plans to go back to munich for the weekend but am worried I will get stopped for overstaying the schengen visa. Does anyone know if I can get a temporary or shirt term visa from the australian embassy in Germany or will I be ok to return for 4 days? Please help.


  • Australians do not need a Schengen visa and the Australian Embassy does not issue European visas.
    I presume your passport was stamped at the first European country you entered and then stamped upon exit.
    You need to calculate the exact number of days you were in Europe between theses entry and exit dates.

    If you have already spent 90 days in Europe you are liable to refusal if you try to enter Germany as you can only spend 90 days in any six month period in the Schengen Zone
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