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Doubt about schengen visa.

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Hello! I’m
a little confuse about the different information’s I received, I also have
already contacted 
the Russian embassy in Venice to try confirm what
is the right procedure, I’m just gathering more information as possible.

Me and my
Fiancée we work in cruise ship, she is Russian, I’m Brazilian, we decided after
finish contract to have vacation in Brazil, we take our flight in November in
Venice (Italy), with connection in Lisbon (Portugal) (flight change same
airport) I would like to ask as Russian Citizen she will need  Transit Schengen visa to embark In Venice? And
in Lisbon she will need Airport Transit Visa?

Thank you
for your time.


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    Your Russian fiancée visas must apply for a seaman's / crew member transit visa, this is usually applied for by the ships agent or personnel officer and allows crew members to disembark and travel to the airport or go to another ship.

    Russian citizens do not require airport transit visas in the Schengen area so your fiancée can pass through the airport in Lisbon without a visa.
  • Thank you so Much Alethia.

    I got confuse because the Officer in charge on ship told her she will need a 3 months Schengen visa,
    and I didn’t understood the reason.

    Anyway for disembark they need give her a crew member transit visa, doesn’t matter if she going to Moscow or Brazil. I believe there will be no problem regardless on this.
  • Glad to be of help. The Officer in Charge is not correct and your fiancée must be issued with the crew member transit visa. Once she has the crew transit visa she should have no problem.
    Good luck. 
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    This is
    really becoming a pain, and embassy is not being helpful with information’s.

    I was more
    calm about with info Alethia has gave me, and now one more problem, she will
    disembark day 5 November, but her flight in on day 6 November, I looked after
    to find how long is the validity of crew member transit visa but I couldn’t find,
    to try be sure if is 24 hours only.

    The ship
    officer is really a bad professional, very rude and don’t give any information
    when asked, what make a vacation travel become a very bad experience.

    I am not
    sure, but I start believe will be more easy and less traumatic apply for a
    Transit visa B Category - 5 days ourselves, she start to become worried
    about having any trouble on the travel day.

  • Andreskcyull, there is no need to be so concerned and worried.  I don't understand what you think will happen to your Russian fiancée' Every day all over the world foreign nationals who are crew member transit to airports and other ships. 
    A crew transit visa can be valid up to 28 days. Your fiancée cannot be the only person on board the ship that has to travel to the airport from the boat on a crew visa. If you want to apply for the Transit Category B visa do so, but you will not need it I am sure

    I do not know where you are now but try calling an Italian Embassy for more information. 

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    I am in
    home in Brazil, I disembarked from ship last month. Actually after info you
    gave me, make me sure about any doubt. The thing is the Officer on ship keep
    telling her wrong information, making her worried, she is very sensitive so it’s
    a little hard for me to help only for internet and make her understand and be
    more calm about it. Since is her first contract on cruise ship and outside her
    Country she is a little nervous.

    Thank you
    for the information about the crew visa, I tell  her to go on Italian Embassy in
    Venice, ship is there today. And get all info and maybe she will be more sure
    and calm about it.

  • There is no Italian Embassy in Venice as it is in Italy. She needs to speak to the immigration officers on the dock side and they will assist her.
  • Andreskcyull,
    Here is the wording of Article 6 of the international convention for crew members. These are the rules that govern merchant shipping, cruise liners yachts etc.  " Member" refers to the countries who are party to the convention. Italy is of course one of those countries.
    Your fiancées onward flights are evidence that she will leave Italy and is transiting from ship to airport. I hope this helps.

    C108 - Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention, 1958 (No. 108)Convention concerning Seafarers' National Identity Documents (Entry into force: 19 Feb 1961)

    1. 1. Each Member shall permit the entry into a territory for which this Convention is in force of a seafarer holding a valid seafarer's identity document, when entry is requested for temporary shore leave while the ship is in port.
    2. 2. If the seafarer's identity document contains space for appropriate entries, each Member shall also permit the entry into a territory for which this Convention is in force of a seafarer holding a valid seafarer's identity document when entry is requested for the purpose of--
      • (a) joining his ship or transferring to another ship;
      • (b) passing in transit to join his ship in another country or for repatriation; or
      • (c) any other purpose approved by the authorities of the Member concerned.
    3. 3. Any Member may, before permitting entry into its territory for one of the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph, require satisfactory evidence, including documentary evidence, from the seafarer, the owner or agent concerned, or from the appropriate consul, of a seafarer's intention and of his ability to carry out that intention. The Member may also limit the seafarer's stay to a period considered reasonable for the purpose in question.
    4. 4. Nothing in this Article shall be construed as restricting the right of a Member to prevent any particular individual from entering or remaining in its territory.
  • Hello,
    Me and my husband are soon going to apply for schengen visa from Italian consulate here in Edinburgh for Italy. We want to visit Venice and Rome. My question is that I don't work here and I have a tier 2 dependant visa. I am a little confused that which documents should I submitt to prove that I will be only visiting Italy as tourist with my husband and I will come back with him. I have visa for 3years in uk. My husband has a job here. Plus there was a question is online form asking for my residence permit number. What is that? I don't have a residence permit card like my husband. Please help.
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    Farah, unless you have a residence permit you will not be granted a Schengen visa as this is the proof that you reside in the UK . The visa issued in your passport is for the UK only
    You need to apply for a UK residence card by applying on form TOC
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