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Reasons to Visit Morocco in the current world status!!

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Hello fellow travelers, 
As you all know, the world is a bit shaky and unstable lately, especially the Middle-east and North-Africa, due to all the revolutions caused by the "Arabic spring" and the new threats of ISIS. But somehow, Morocco manages to stay as stable and safe as any country could be, its distance from the middle-east conflicts and the vigilance of its authorities makes it the perfect destination for your stay. Well, the safety issue aside, Morocco is a very attractive country and here some reasons as to why :
*Strategic position, you could say it's in the center of the map, close to everyone, sweet.
*Diverse geography: yes, Morocco is one of the most diverse countries, Hot deserts, snowy mountains, wonderful beaches, roaring waterfalls and peaceful lakes.
*Monuments and historical wealth: The country has a very rich history and keeps the witnessing monuments alive and authentic. you can find many marvelous architectures in any if its imperial cities
*People: it is a well known fact, Moroccans are very welcoming and warm, helpful, open minded and very social.
*Low budget: you can discover Morocco on a low budget, if you add currency conversion (1€ = 11 MAD, 1$ = 8,5 MAD) you can see it's very affordable.
*Lots of tour operators and travel agencies with transparent and public rates and products, most of them are based in Marrakech, and offer services such as transfers from the airport, desert tours, coast tours, day trips...etc (I don't want to advertise but i can recommend some in private messages if you like)
*Public transportation: even though the infrastructure is not equal to Germany's or UK's but i will do, you can use private company buses such as CTM or SupraTours, they are comfy, but if you want to actually mix with the crowds, you can use public buses, or grand taxis.

I hope this was inspiring and useful, if you like i can post another discussion about how to get around in Morocco, what to do and what not to do, and answer some frequently asked questions, PEACE AND LOVE


  • Thanks a lot for this post. Now i am thinking about to visit to the Morocco. And I saw in this post that for low budget travelling Morocco is one of the best.
  • compared to similar countries, yes it is. And if you manage to find people to share your travels with, that's even cheaper and better ;)
  • what's about moroccan fairs and festivals
  • there are many festivals. both musical and cultural. here are some that i know of:

    Fes spiritual music festival
    Imilchil marriage festival
    Essaouira gnawa music festival
    Kelaa Mgouna roses festival
    mawazine world music festival

    i will try to post a full description of them in the future, hope this was useful
  • edited November 2014
    Here is a list of festivals in month order.
  • Hi, 
    in few days, Marrakesh will receive all cinema's fan. The festival international of film in Marrakesh, it's the meeting of differents culture. This year the Japan cimena will be honored . for more information visit the official web site :
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