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BTA in Uk

edited September 2014 in World Wide
Is that true to have a basic travel allowance amounting 650 pounds by entering to UK?
Should it done by money gram not in bank account proof?


  • I need a help immediately.
  • No, there is no regulation stating that you need 650 pounds in your possession to enter the UK.

    However, it is not unheard of to be asked to supply proof of funds when
    you're entering on a Visa or if you appear to be indigent or otherwise
    poorly presented when you enter the country.

    This is common practise at
    Immigration for entering many countries - Immigration does not want to admit
    someone who might become a burden on the local social/welfare system.

    Good luck.


  • Terry is right. Generally an account statement or possession of a credit card is enough. Beware though, that Basic Travel Allowance or Sufficient Funds are a common scam. If you are asking because someone you met online is requesting money... don't send it!
  • This has nothing to do with a visa.

    I am certain that  Atzshiela is talking about BTA  Basic Travel Allowance a term used by scammers to obtain money from people. There is no requirement of £650 to enter the UK or any other country.

  • Anya & Alethis, bullseye...

  • thank you for all of your comment now I already know that is a scam.

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