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As a ROC passport holder - do I need a visa for Uk?

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Hello I just would like to know if I would need a visa going to the United Kingdom I have a overseas Republic of China - Taiwan passport issued by Taipei Cultural office in the Philippines, I was born in the Philippines and live there ever since but my nationality is Republic of China - Taiwan. I just recently move in to Bermuda, My wife and I are planning to have a vacation in London this Christmas. But i am concerned if I would need a visa in UK

According to this site I can go to United Kingdom for 6 months visa free but according to I would still need a visa since I have no Taiwanese ID number in my Taiwan passport.

What confuses me is that I have emailed the United Kingdom embassy both in the Philippines and Indonesia regarding this matter and attached a copy of my passport and they both said that I don't need to acquire a visa.
I also had a transit flight in UK going to Bermuda and had a bus ride from heathrow to gatwick but they did not required me to have a transit visa.

I hope someone could clarify this matter so i could process any documents if I would need it.
Thank you for your time


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    Have you received any replies about this? I am in the same situation as yours. I was born in the Philippines and have a TWN ROC passport. I am currently living in the US. I dont have a TWN ID # as well. I plan on going to London for a vacation, do I need to get a visa? Thanks..
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    what happened??!?? I am travelling to the UK this weekend and I don't have a TWN ID#.... I need to know asap!
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    I would like to tell every one who is holding this kind of passport that becareful , as I faced this problem and I was going from Saudi Arabia to London through Qatar by the Qatar Airways,
    Befor I travel I went to UK embassy and they talled me that I dont need a VISA to travel to UK , but what happened in Qatar airport is that the airplan staff refuse to let me continue my flight to london and they asked me about this ID number , and yes I was in a very very bad shape with my wife and 3 kids inside the airport , I was waiting for 8 hours with my kids and wife in the airport , until I decided to stay in Qatar for two days and try to sort this problem at UK embassy in qatar , so I stayed in one of the hotel with my family and next morning I went to meet the Counseler of UK in Qatar , He said to me clearly that this problem is caused by my country ( TAIWAN) and UK has nothing to do with it and Taiwan Govenrment are the one who have put this Condition , he also asked me to go back to my governemnt and ask them to solve this issue , I felt that this is really unfaire and some one should stand and say to Taiwan Government that this is Discremination and if it happened in a western countries they will get sued.
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    It is clearly written that a visa is required if there is no national ID number on your ROC passport.
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    They are asking for you ID# which supposedly should be written in your passport if you are truly a Taiwanese national. Many overseas Chinese holds a
    Taiwan passport but they enter Taiwan as tourists that is why they ask for your Taiwan ID#.

    I have experience being held by immigration when I came back to Taiwan
    because my ID# was not printed in my passport so I have to show them my Taiwan ID. So I let the Foreign Affairs issue me a new passport with my ID#.
  • hi webmx04

    Did you flew directly from Bermuda using your Taiwan ROC passport to go to UK? Or did you have to go to Taiwan, and from there flew to Qatar? 

    You see, I'm from the Philippines but I'm a dual citizen. Therefore I have two passports. One by the Philippines and the other by Taiwan ROC with Taiwan ID card number. My problem is, can I go to UK directly from the Philippines using both passports? or do i have to go through Taiwan to fly to UK?
  • It does not matter where your journey originates.You can fly to tree UK from Timbuktu. Just be aware that you require a visa  if you use your Philippine passport
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