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How much money do I need for Israel trip?

edited July 2009 in Middle East
I wanted to ask somebody ,,,,how expensive is life in Israel , Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, we are going on a tour on vacations but dont know how much money will i need for expenses, like food, and drinks, is it expensive , like Europe ?


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    I think Israel is pretty expensive but worth the money) -- if you convert things into dollars, it isn't so much different than what we pay in California. However, I strongly suggest you bring a no-charge ATM card like First Republic & just withdraw as needed. I did bring dollars but really don't need/use it b/c I withdraw shekels on a as needed basis. The major banks have outide ATM machines for just that purpose. If you are taking tours, etc., you may be able to use your dollars for those - I don't know abt that. We're here for five weeks so I brought some practical stuff like different size glad bags, some nosh type food, the remaining end of a roll of tin foil I had at home, etc, rather than buy it here & not be able to finish what I bought. There are small family grocery stores liberally sprinkled thruout most towns & also pretty decent size markets. Most people speak English & usually switch to it when I start speaking Hebrew -- the folk are generally loud, fun & very much alive. Enjoy your trip!!!
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