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Rental accommodation wanted for short stay in Hawaii

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I'm looking at traveling to Hawaii (Kauai, Maui or Oahu) for a couple of weeks in August this year with my wife and two daughters and would like to find reasonably priced accommodation which would exclude any of the big hotel resorts.
How likely is it that I could find rental accommodation please or are you able to direct me to a site containing such accommodation?


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    Hi just asking if you went to Hawaii as planning to go hopefully in dec 2010 and any advice would be great
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    My son is on his honeymoon right now went to kaui first very green and tropical looking and quiet
    he is now in maui alot of beaches different vibe more people
    did you check great condos in hawaii!how old are the girls? if teensthey will get bored in kaui.
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    Here's another Web site to check out for vacation rentals:
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    I used on my recent trip to the US - worked out very well if you are looking for good value accommodation.
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