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I'm I being scammed?

edited October 2014 in - West Africa
Has any lady been corresponding with a guy named Olumide ijitusin? We have only been chatting for over a month and I have already sent him money to help get an apartment.  He says he loves me and that GOD bought us together. Now he needs more money to help in other expenses. I feel a strong bond with him, but in the back of my mind I feel like I'm being scammed.  I Don't mind helping if I have it, but it's putting a strain on my's a long story, just wanted to know if any other lady has interacted with him. Trusting in GOD that I'm not being used. 


  • Bobbiereid, you are being used. Why would you send money to a man you have never met . This man has a Nigerian name and no doubt lives in Nigeria. 
    If any lady had interacted with him she would probably tell you that he scammed her for money as well !

    You must be desperate for affection that you have to pay money to a complete stranger.

    Stop sending money and then you will see how much he loves you. 
  • @Alethia....I'm not a desperate person, just caught off guard. How can a man who claims to love GOD, be so evil? Lesson learned. Trust no man.
  • Of course you're being scammed. You're not using ANY of the brains that God gave you.

    God hates idiots.

  • @Cheers,
    Terry. I guess GOD hates you......
  • There are numerous of scammers in LinkedIn and Facebook, who use other people's profiles and photos.
    Do not correspond to Carolyn Franelson, this is a vicious scammer. be very careful who you find in the internet.
  • edited October 2014
    No bobbiereid, God doesn't hate me. God loves his followers like me. He only hates those who ignore the brains that He gave them.

    You are defiling Him by ignoring your God given intellect and instead you choose the blasphemous path of acting like a complete moron.

    Stop defiling God by choosing the path of idiocy! Use your God given brains! Grow up and be an intelligent adult!

    Good luck at achieving this path, but I fear you've already embraced idiocy, stupidity and igorning God's gift of intelligence.

    Bless you, but you are lost... I'll keep praying for you to see the light...

  • Thanks for the saying CheersTerry, i am Carolyn Franelson that Marcus was blackmailing and people have been telling me this which is something i dont seems to understand. He want to date me and i never want him then his busy saying so many stupid words about me tarnishing my image. I had to signed on here for the redemption of my name. Marcus Raphael Guizar please stop blackmailing me and grow up to accept if a woman dont want you, you dont have to go blackmailing me to people or the world on what i dont do.
  • edited October 2014
    Thank you for seeing the light, Carolyn. Thank you for not being a fool any longer. Thank you for finally using the brains that God gave you.

    All the best to you.

  • Terry. U don't understand this until prolly the moment when u are closed to being scammed. Honestly no one likes to be scammed. They make use of people with soft heartedness. :(
    to : bobbie, I don't blame u for even thinking to helping him. I myself been love scammed before in real life. Man that I met in real life. Claimed to love me. Met my parents. But still... been scammed after getting a loan for him in my name. I lost 10000 it's an expensive lesson and really painful one. Don't fall for this. Nowadays, there are scammers who uses religion to work in an advantage for them. Love.
  • "... U don't understand this until prolly the moment when u are closed to being scammed. Honestly no one likes to be scammed. They make use of people with soft heartedness..."

    No, it has nothing whatsoever to do with being softhearted and everything to do with being naive at best and an idiot at worst.

  • @ Terry, God don't like ugly. And your words are ugly and hurtful. God is a God of love and compassion, where is your compassion. I am a child of the most high God and I will pray for you. Please no more advice from you and your harden heart.
  • bobbiereid, don't make the mistake of confusing "ugly and hurtful" with "honest, straightforward and accurate."

    The truth hurts sometimes, especially when it involves make-believe "boyfriends" on the Internet. Time to grow up.

  • Trust me run for the hills, I have been caught out recently myself
  • When will you stop falling for these scammers? You should have known there ways. And these scammers they never uses the money for good things.They just young boys who are so lazy to work. Make sure you see the person face to face before doing anything and its not wise for you to be sending money to the person you have not met. Please stop sending money to person you met on dating site.
  • I met this girl and we have been talking for 2 months online. We have grown with a relationship. Besides a passport what else would be required for her to travel to come be with me to the USA.
  • She has applied for the passport and when I see it in her hands Then I will fly her here
  • @Rsrd2100
    You do not say what country this woman is from
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