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Greece in January

Hi everyone,

  I'm planning a one week getaway in January and I've picked Greece as a choice destination. Any advice on where to go? I'm looking to make up for missing out on summer :) I've heard that Ios is great, but just wanna hear from you all before making a decision.  Thanks people.


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    Greece is cold in January it can be sunny but rainy in the winter and there can be snow on the mainland with northern winds that can make it feel colder. As for Ios it is a summer island and you may have difficulty finding accommodation. Travelling to Ios may also be difficult as the ferry schedules are often unpredictable, affected by choppy seas and gales.

    If I were to go to Greece in winter ( I lived there for two years ) I would stay in Athens,plenty of historical sites to see and no tour groups. Or you could hire a car or go by bus and go north to Delphi then onwards to Corinth, Naflion and Mycenae for a few days; You could also travel by ferry from Poros to Naflion.
    The islands of Hydra, Aegina and Poros are near enough to visit from Athens and have year round activity.

    Museums and historical sights are open the year round, some only in the morning. Enjoy.

  • Alethia is right. If you're set on a winter holiday then I would forget about the remote islands as many places close down out of season. Mainland Greece does have plenty to see and do, and the Saronic Islands near Athens are great fun to explore.
  • As you are going in winter I suspect it is historic and cultural attractions you are after. Anya and Alethia both make good suggestions, I would just add that the Peloponnese Peninsula of mainland Greece is one of the most exciting archaeological regions in the world, so if its ancient Greece you're in search of the Peloponnese is ideal.
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