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Mai Chau Valley: A semi-isolated village in Vietnam

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Chau Valley is described as a semi-isolated village in Vietnam,
surrounded by limestone cliffs and green rice paddies, populated
largely by members of the ethnic White Thai tribe.
Vibrant, verdant green rice paddies surround the town on all sides,
and dramatic hills rise up on either side of the valley. The town
itself isn’t particularly stunning, but it’s when one gets out
into the countryside or head up into the hills that the breathtaking
views get better around every corner. There are also several
interesting markets to check out, as well as some nearby caves.


Mai Chau Valley was listed in the TOP must-visit destinations in
by Agoda dot com – the leading booking site on the world.

can recommend Mai Chau to anyone who is looking for a great place to
visit and a clean, warm and unforgettable place to stay when you
travel to the North of Vietnam.

Source: Thanks Mai Chau Hotel's Website for providing me useful information to write this article.


  • Hi there,
    Where exactly in Vietnam is this place? I would also be very interested to know how accessible it is (as in, how exactly do people get there?) and whether the region is considered safe?
  • @Ella
    Sorry for replying to you late. 
    Mai Chau is a district in Hoa Binh province located 135km southwest of Hanoi. It comprises a small town surrounded by quaint villages, home to White Thai, H’mong, Muong and Tay ethnic people. The people here are very friendly. You can stay here by booking rooms or enjoy the homestay :) I like the homestay. There're amazing and unforgettable moments when i were in Viet Nam.
  • Mai Chau Valley has long been the beautiful tourist spot appealing tourists. The majestic nature, peaceful landscapes and enthusiasm of the Thai locals will definitely leave unforgettable impressions in tourists' mind.
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