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HI.. I'm a footballer from West Africa and my dream country to show forth my career is New Zealand.

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  • There's a couple of very knowledgeable people on this forum regarding questions like this, but no one can answer when you give no information.

    1.) There's almost 20 countries in West Africa. As with almost all questions regarding visas/immigration you fail to mention the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    2.) If you are imagining that you're good enough to be invited to New Zealand as a footballer then you must be a well known professional player in your own country, correct? If that's not the case then I'll wager that your football expertise is immaterial and that you have to investigate more traditional means of acquiring a Visa.

    Good luck.

  • thank u very much for your reply Terry and I do appreciate. to correct myself, I base in Nigeria and am well known as a footballer in my community and most precisely, I haven't gotten the opportunity to play in the pro league right here in my country. my heart is not here but in New Zealand
  • Unfortunately since you're not a professional level player that gives you no advantage to entering New Zealand, you'll have to enter on a proper Visa and that is not easy.

    Good luck.

  • I know very little about football, but I do know Terry is correct. If you are not in the Nigerian professional leagues you wont be playing anywhere but in your community. 

    I also checked the FIFA World Ranking and the Nigeria Premier league is ranked far higher than New Zealand.

    If your such a good football player perhaps you should try out for the Nigerian professional clubs.

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