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edited October 2014 in - Eastern Europe
I need some advice

My boyfriend is in European and am in jamaica but he said he could look about my visa from over there and it only take up to 2 days i kind of feel away about this
is this true guys ?


  • edited October 2014
    No its not true. Visas take far more than 2 days to issue and you must apply for the visa from Jamaica your boyfriend cannot apply for you. European is not a nationality, what country is he from and in what country does he live? I can give you more information if I know his nationality and where he lives.
  • He lives in turkey
  • Is there a card over there name epayment
  • If your boyfriend lives in Turkey then there is a good chance he is Turkish as Turkey is not yet in the European Union. You don't know much about your boyfriend so I presume you met him on line.

    Yes there is an E visa for Turkey and you apply on line from Jamaica. The system is different to European visas which take much longer.

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