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Married to Tunisian Man, Need help

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My husband is a Tunisian and I am a Bruneian from a Muslim Country. We got married in my country in the traditional Muslim marriage. We have been married since 2011. 

After our marriage in my country, we had registered our marriage with the Tunisian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia as per their requirement. I do not know whether the Tunisian Embassy in Indonesia has registered our marriage with the Tunisian Marriage Registry in Tunisia or not. I have made an inquiry with them about it but have not received any feedback from them at all.

Now my husband has returned to Tunisia to live with his family and I am still living in my country. Currently I am planning to live in Tunisia permanently with my husband, however I am wondering as to whether do I need to re-register my marriage again in Tunisia with marriage registry there.

I don't need a visa to enter Tunisia, however, what do I need to do in order to be able to live in Tunisia permanently with my husband as his wife. Is there any requirements or process or procedure that I need to do in order to be able to live there permanently.


  • Hi Sabriyana

    Firstly, whether or not your marriage is registered with the Tunisian Marriage Registry you are still legally married,I assume you had a civil wedding in Brunei to be able to register the marriage with the Tunisian Embassy.

    When you arrive in Tunisia your husband must take you to the Bureau Estrangers, which is usually at the police station to apply for your residence permit as his wife, this is known as a Carte de Sejour. Its quite a straightforward procedure nothing to worry about. 

    While Tunisia is lovely country you may find the standard of living much lower than Brunei.
  • Dear Alethia,

    First of all, thank you so much for your kind reply and comment to my inquiry.

    Yes we had a civil wedding at the Mosque whereby I had submitted my marriage certificate and other supporting documentations to the Tunisian Embassy which they had asked for.

    Anyway out of curiosity to better understand the Marriage Laws of Tunisia:-

    1)  Is it possible for a Tunisian husband to marry another wife outside of Tunisia, if it is not registered in Tunisia. Will it be considered legal and is he allowed to do that.

    2)  If a Tunisian husband and wife are separated and not living together for more than 6 months, will it be considered as the marriage is no longer valid and the Tunisian husband is allowed to file a divorce and re-marry. Is there such a law in Tunisia?

    I was also wondering in terms of looking for a job in Tunisia but the only problem is that I do not speak, understand nor write Arabic or French. I know I can either learn slowly or attend a language course but for the mean time, are there any English spoken jobs available in Tunisia.  I don't really care what job it is (Except Teaching as I am not a qualified teacher) as long as I have something to do and have some income for myself and to help my husband. Do you know of any agents or places that I can enquire relating to any English speaking jobs available there.

  • Hi Sabriyana

    Polygamy was banned in Tunisia in 1956, one man one wife. However if your husband has married outside Tunisia in a country that allows more than one wife he can do so by the laws of that country. He can't legally have two wives in Tunisia.

    Separation for six months could be seen as a failure to carry out conjugal obligations which would be grounds for divorce and of course he could remarry once he is legally divorced.

    You may encounter difficulties to work in Tunisia, you do not speak French or Arabic and foreigners are not allowed to work in jobs that Tunisians can do. Even Tunisian graduates struggle to find work in Tunisia.

    I did point out in my earlier post that the standard of living is much higher in Brunei than in Tunisia and you should bear that in mind.

  • Sabriyana, Alathia is correct. Your marriage is legal in Brunei and it is recognised as legal here. Your husband must produce a new birth certificate in order to marry again here in tunisia and your marriage will be recorded on this, if it has been registered with the authorities here and I see no reason that it would not. If he has married here then this is illegal and he will go to prison.

    it seems to me that you have some suspisions about him? It is possible for him to divorce you without you knowing. Email me or sens me a msg inbos
  • Can someone pls clarify why people meet in Tunisia???? I am getting to know someone but this person wants to meet in Tunisia rather than in their own country (algeria). But it's beyond my understanding. Yet this person does not seem to be in a rush to meet now in comparison to a yr ago when meeting was much wanted but I was hesitant. However meeting is always postponed by the other half with reasons that I believe are invalid unreasonable. Should I end this relationship or not? Because now I feel it's a drag and the excitement to meet us dead and even if we met I don't know if I would see this person in the same way let alone share any physicality because I have lost trust. I feel all over the place someone help me think logically and come to a conclusion!!!! - clear.
  • Cosmo, you don't say what country you are from but you are obviously unaware that it is very difficult to obtain a visa to enter Algeria. Tunisia is much more welcoming and a great part of its economy is based on tourism.
    Algerians can travel easily to Tunisia , so can Europeans, Americans,British citizens and other nationals.

    Considering you have been talking to the Algerian for over a year you don't seem to know very much about Algeria. You did not want to meet this person a year ago so they are probably fed up with your hesitancy.
    If you have gone off this person for whatever reason then stop all contact, but it comes across to me that you want everything on your terms and have a lack of understanding of other cultures.
  • salama alaikum inshallah u r fine as u r helpin peopls so allah will care of u inshallah iam kader from algeria i want to meet a girl in tunisia soon inshallah for gettin married i want to know what can we do what papers we need as she is from london i wait ur answer sister
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    Documents needed to marry in Tunisia.
    All documents must be originals all documents must be translated to French or Arabic
    These documents are for BOTH of you not just your fiancee
    Birth Certificate issued not more than 21 days before the wedding.
    Affidavit of Eligibility to marry - or a certificate of no impediment.
    Medical Certificate – This certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The Marriage office will supply a printed form for this certificate upon request. All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorised to perform these medical examinations.
    Divorce Decree(s) - If either of you has been married before you must give your final divorce decree absolute.
    If the previous husband or wife died the death certificate must be provided.
  • Good evening. Please help. My boyfriend is from Tunisia. Hs a Muslim. I am from Croatia and I'm Catholic. We are planning to get married this year in Tunisia. What is necessary to have of dokuments to legally marry? We plan to live in Croatia. What we need to do after get married? What it takes to make a marriage was legal in Croatia and Tunisia? Thank you very much.
  • You will require a certificate of no impediment from Coatia (Potvrda o nikakvih prepreka)
    This proves you are free to marry.
    Birth Certificate issued no more than 21 days before the wedding.
    If you have been married before the divorce certificate
    These must be translated in either Arabic or French.
    Your fiance needs his ID card and birth certificate
    You both need a medical certificate the certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The Marriage office will supply a printed form for this certificate upon request. All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorised to perform these medical examinations

    Tunisian marriages are non religious civil marriages and are recognised and accepted internationally.
    After you are married your husband will need to apply for a temporary stay visa as the husband of a Croatian citizen
    The nearest Croation Embassy where your husband must apply for the visa is in Morroco.
  • Dear Alethia, thank you so much for the informations. Wish you all the best.
  • One more question, or few more. When we are married and i go back to my country, do i need to go to Tunisian embassy in my country? Any reason for that? Second, before marriage, i need to see a docotor to get medical certificate - can i do that in Croatia or i need to do that in Tunisia? Thank you
  • Noura, the medical certificate must be from a Tunisian doctor, the Tunisian registry office where you will marry will give you the form to take to the doctor.

    You DO NOT need to go to the Tunisian Embassy in Croatia. You need to supply your husband with the marriage certificate, evidence of your job, your salary, where you will live in Croatia for him to take to the Croation Embassy in Morrocco

    I gave you a link in my previous post, to the Croatian Ministry, you might want to contact the local immigration office in Croatia to confirm what you and your husband need to do for him to join you in Croatia.
  • Just clarification - both will need blood tests....a visit to the doctor will provide authorisation for these and will be done the same day by the pathology (which are everywhere)!! You then take the results back to the doctor who will check and authorise and certify.
  • Today I called the consulate of Tunisia in Zagreb, Croatia. They told me that I have to translate all the paperwork and go to the embassy of Tunisia in Austria for verification of all those papers. I'm sad. And really don't know what do to anymore.
  • Noura I have no idea why you think you need to be in contact with the Tunisan Embassy. I advise many people who marry Tunisians. It is the law of Croatia that you need to understand and follow NOT Tunisia. Why ask for advice and make life difficult for yourself by ignoring that advice.
  • Tunisian ebmassy for Craotia. I talked with Consulat and they tald me that i need to brineg all paper to Tunisian embassy in Croatia (ebmassy is in Austria). They say that i need to do that cause Croatia and Tunisia don't have contract about marriage.
  • Croatia is in the EU and Tunisian weddings are recognised by EU countries, USA, Australia UK, Canada, Ireland and many more countries. The wedding in Tunisia is a civil wedding not religious and is internationally recognised. The Tunisian Consulate have given you the wrong advice, which is not unusual.

    Instead of wasting your time talking to the Tunisian Consulate ask your husband to call the Croatian Embassy in Morrocco and find out what he needs to apply for a marriage visa or you call the Croatian MVEP

    You are not the first foregner to marry a Tunisian and you wont be the last.
  • Noura - please listen and take the advice of Alethia! She is correct in her advice to you. You do not need to do anything with the Tunisian embassy anywhere!! Your marriage is legally recognised by majority of countries. Your marriage is noted on your husband's birth certificate which ergo it is registered!! He only needs to apply as noted above by Alethia. Don't make more confusion for yourself.
  • Noura - I did forget also to tell you that the Tunisian embassy anywhere cannot help with your husband's application for a visa. Tunisia is not a part of Croatia the last time I looked!! As Alethia tells you he must go to the Embassy of Croatia in Morroco - she gives the link that you should use.
  • Girls thanky you very much. Why they lie to me? Why they told me that i need to go to Tunisian embassy in Croatia?? I dont want to come to Tunisia and that i can't get married because i miss one paper. That's all i want. Because i'm not able to come to Tunisia every month. So, i need translate all my papers to france or arabic, book my flight and finaly be happy with a man i love. Girls i don't know where you live, but someday we'll drink coffee together. Thank you so much.
  • Noura - perhaps they didn't understand you correctly, you were confused and they were probably trying to help you. You can have your papers translated here in Tunisia very cheaply and quickly. Coffee sounds good!!
  • hello , im tunisien an my future wife is latvian lives in the UK, we are planing to get marry soon , i bin contacting the Tunisien authorities where we will get marry and they request ;

    - birth certificate

    - divorce certificate

    -certificate of no impediment for my wife

    my future wife going to get them from the Latvian embassy UK as she lives there.
    my question is , when them documents are coming from an embassy are they acceptable in Tunisie or they hv to be certified from the ministry of foreign affair in latvia ,
    plz we need help as soon as possible as the time runinig out from us
    thank you for help .
  • 123 - you have your answers on another thread.
  • hi i'm a from Philippines living in Japan.I got married to a Tunisian guy here in Japan last year.but our marriage is not yet registered in Tunisia nor in the Philippines...i am divorced from japanese husband here in Japan but since u know Philippines dont have divorce...i have to go through a court first bfr i get my divorce in the Philippines but it cost so much there a possibility that we can register our marriage in Tunisia without my divorce paper in the Philippines??? husband is back in Tunisia now and im going there on august...can anyone plz tell me what ti do?! thank u
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    You DO NOT have to get a Phillipines divorce. Your nationality has no affect whatsoever on the laws of divorce. You married a Japanese man and as you were resident in Japan at the time of your divorce you do not have to divorce in the Phillipines.

    The issues related to the marriage and divorce of couples whose lives are connected to more
    than one legal system were among the first topics to become the subject of international treaties
    established by the Hague Conference on Private International Law .The Hague Convention
    on Recognition of Divorce and Legal Separations was concluded on 1 June 1970 and entered into
    force on 24 August 1975. Phillipines is a member state of the Hague Convention. There may be no domestic divorce in the Phillipines but as a member of the Hague Convention they must recognise divorces legally conducted in other countries.

    Although the law of the nationality may be reasonably easy to identify since it is often merely a matter of registration in the given country, a person may have, for example Greek nationality but have had a permanent residence in the USA for twenty years without becoming a naturalised American. Insisting on a divorce under Greek law may not produce a fair or relevant result.

    As for Japanese divorce, the standard consent divorces (kyogi rikon) have been recognised as within the meaning of the Japanese Family Law Act such divorces are recognised if either spouse was domiciled in Japan at the time. Tunisia is also a member of the Hague Convention.

    I believe you should have no problem in Tunisia , as you are legally married in Japan. You do not need to be in Tunisia to register your marriage your husband can do this by taking the Japanese marriage document and a translation in either French or Arabic and have the marriage entered on to his birth certificate by the municipality which will then show he is a married man.
  • Your husband can register needs to be added to his birth certificate. He can do this through the municipality or at the court. Tunisia recognises marriage in other countries as long as it was done legally according to the laws of that country so it should not be a problem.
  • I am engaged to Tunisia man and I am American can u tell me everything we need for marriage? We already did the divorce papers and I have my birth certificate but there is no time limit on ours our date. Limits either they stay good. But I feel like we are missing something....
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    Lilly31, there's a zillion "marrying in Tunisia" threads on this forum... have you tried searching?


    PS Not that it makes any difference, but I'm curious... Have you ever met your fiance face-to-face, or outside of an all-inclusive holiday? Sorry, I didn't want to stir anything up, I'm just interested... Internet and Holiday romances are a world onto themselves. All the best to you.
  • Oh here we go yet again.....................your 'fiance' knows exactly what he needs!! You will learn that Tunisian boys are very lazy and you will do all the research, make the arrangements, pay the money honey!!

    You need:
    birth certificate not older than 21 days prior to date of marriage
    divorce documents
    document providing proof of single status and ability to marry
    your passport
    all these need to be translated into Arabic/French and certified
    blood tests can be done in Tunisia
  • @lily31
    I agree with Lesley, only yesterday one of my clients was complaining that her Tunisian fiance (who she has stayed with in Tunisa several times) does nothing to help with any wedding plans etc. His mother and sister have helped her and my client has paid the money
    As a US citizen the document stating your single is given at the US Embassy in Tunis, so you would need to kake an appointment.

    You obviously do not understand the birth certificate requirement.Of course birth certificates do not have a time limit, but Tunisian law requires a birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the civil ceremony. You get this by applying to the vital records office in the state where you were born and they will supply a full copy of the birth certificate.
  • Actually he has not been Lazy he has done a lot ....He is not like that
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    We have both been doing our part
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    Why do u ask if we have spent time together other the holidays or internet
  • @Lilly31
    Having a relationship with a "fiance" you have only met on line, to having a fiance you have met in the real world are too very different things

    Lesley is our resident expert who has lived in Tunisia for many years so listen to her advice.
    I hope you have plenty of money honey as that is your part.
  • "... Why do u ask if we have spent time together other the holidays or internet..."

    It was a simple query, Lilly. It just sounded like you've never actually met and that you've never travelled anywhere. No big deal.

    All the best to you.

  • Lilly - well of course he is doing all he can!! Your fiance is so, so different to all the others.

    Good luck
  • Dear Lilly - there are none so blind as those who cannot see! I live here, I speak the language, I understand the culture and society but you do not! My personal life remains just that. I do not discuss this on a public forum. This is a travel forum and when we are asked for advice we give it in a truthful and correct manner. We counsel and we try to help but if you know more than I do about Tunisia and it's culture I invite you to advise me!
  • Dear Lesley...i am a Canadian woman and have been seeing a Tunisian man a while now ...and he has asked me to marry him he wants to be married in Tunis can you what documents I need to be married there to him and if he needs any documents...thank you andrea
  • bella - I have started a new thread especially for this subject. Please read it and if you have any further questions then please ask
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