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Why use an Agent for processing a US Visa?

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I have a friend that shall travel to the US shortly. And they recently inform me they must use an agent to process and gather necessary document to have a complete Visa application. What are these fees? And who is reputable in this business? It seems to me they are only gathering documents and writing successful a Visa application to be processed. And are being rewarded very well in the fee they charge.


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    A visitor to the United States must always apply for a visa at the United States Consulate in their country or the closest consulate to them if there is none in their country. They should contact the consulate to determine what is required for the application, such as photographs and identification requirements, and to determine what hours the consulate is accepting visa requests. There should be no need for an agent to be involved.

    It is important to remember that the final decision whether a visitor will be allowed to enter the U.S. is made at the border by officers of the Department of Homeland Security, and having an American visa is not a guarantee that a person will be able to enter the U.S.
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