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90 day visa for schengen countries question

edited October 2014 in Visa and Passport
I have a US passport which I have used in the last year to visit germany several times. After my short visits (5-10 days max) I return back to my home country Turkey (non schengen country) and spend most my time there.  

However in November 1st, I plan to go to Germany and use the maximum of the 90 days limit. 
My question is, since I have been in and out of Germany in the past, how much does this reduce my 90 day limit. How can I calculate how much time I can stay in Germany? As I have lived mostly in Turkey, does my first 90 day period start fresh when I visit Germany in november, or does my past  visits to Germany count?

heres a list of times I have been in germany in the last year. The rest of the time, I have been living in non schengen country, Turkey. 

* 12.10.13 - 19.10.13 (6 days)
* 26.02.14 - 27.02.14 (2 days)
* 19.04.14 - 23.04.14 (5 days)
* 04.06.14 - 08.06.14 (5 days)
* 12.07.14 - 21.07.14 (10 days)
* 01.10.14 - 07.10.14 (7 days) 

So if I go on November 1st, in the last 90 days, I would have been in germany for 7 days, non schengen country for 83. 
In the last 180 days I would have been in germany for 22 days, while in non schengen country for 158. 

If I go to germany on november 1st, how long can I stay? 


  • Abatwa the time you spend in Turkey or any other non Schengen country is irrelevant to this calculation.

    As you are aware in any six month period you can spend a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen zone.

    From 12.10.2013 to 12.04.2014 is six months. in that six month period you spent 8 days in Germany.

    From 19.04.2014 to 19.10.2014 is six months. In that six month period you spent 27 days in  Germany

    So starting from November 2014 you have a clean slate and from 01.11.2014 to 01.05 2015 you have anew six month period and can stay the maximum of 90 days.
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