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Overstay Schengen visa by 59 days because she was sick

Hi, everybody. My girlfriend is from Russia and the second time she was in the schengen space (visiting Portugal-Luxembourg)she was sick 1 day before the departure. After this she overstay 59 days but she have 3 medical certificates and 3 bill's of the doctor, payed with stamps of course.
The day of the departure in the customs control of the airport they asked why she overstayed and she give the medical certificates and they told ''it's ok''!
My question is... Can she have problems asking a new Schengen visa?
Many thanks for all reactions



  • Hi Rodrigo,
    Your girlfriend would have been better applying for an extension when she was ill, but as she has evidence of her illness she should be ok next time she applies.
  • Hi Alethia,
    Thank you so much for your quick answer.
    Best regards
  • Hi Rodrigo,
    If the passport control authorities let her leave the Schengen zone without penalising your girlfriend then she should be fine. Just to be on the safe side I would suggest including the medical certificates etc in her next Schengen visa application along with a note explaining the situation and the fact that she was cleared to leave the zone without penalty for overstaying.
  • Hi Ella Johnson,
    many thanks for your answer.
    best regards
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