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edited October 2014 in - Australia
I have been scammed and it has devastated me you can not believe how I feel
The scammer posed as Doctor Christopher James Alex and I fell for it hook line and sinker,my life is terrible now and I have no money,so what do I do?How can we stop these people,we must go viral with this


  • Go viral?  Stories about scammers are all over the internet. There are whole sites dedicated to stories like yours and the naming and shaming of scammers, yet people are still scammed. Many sites have photos where you can check out scammer photos.This forum has loads of scammer stories.

    Unfortunately what happens, is people like you become so besotted and involved with their online love interest that they do not heed warning signs, even when they are big red flags, don't listen to friends or family and dole out money to a complete stranger that they have never met.

    Sorry to sound cruel, but you must put this behind you. This man is not real and  there was no true relationship, if you have your health you can work and get back on your feet.

    All the best.

  • "... How can we stop these people..."

    It's easy: Stop being a sucker. Stop giving money to strangers on the Internet. Start using some of the brains and common sense that God gave you. Become a responsible, rational adult.

    Sorry to be to blunt, but honestly, just look in the mirror - that is the only problem here.

    Best of luck.

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