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Please help!!! Can i travel to Guatemala two in a year?

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I traveled to Guatemala on june 22 and came back september 21 this year . I was born in the USA. will i be able to travel again this year  on  December 13 ??????


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    I am assuming that your statement "I was born in the USA" means you are an American with a US passport

    As a US citizen you can stay in Guatemala for 90 days without a visa as far as I can see there are no rules that say you must stay outside Guatemala for a certain period of time before returning. So yes you can return to Guatemala in December and if you want to stay longer than 90 days you can apply for an extension .

  • Yes i am a American with a USA passport .
    i heard about they only give 90 days to travel out of the USA to a country  for 90 days throughout the whole year. once those 90 days are up you have to wait until next year to travel again or their will be a fine?? that is what i am worry about
  • I can't understand your post... Are you worried that the US only allows their citizens to travel outside the US for 90 days each year?

    That is of course ridiculous...

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    yes supposly you can only travel 90 days to one country a year 
  • I can't imagine where you got the idea that the US government has laws regulating how many foreign vacations their citizens are allowed to take each year, but it's a mindbogglingly huge misunderstanding on your part.

    Do you really believe that American citizens can only go on vacation for 3 months out of the year and only travel to 1 foreign country in that time period?! I have never heard anything so insane in my life.

    How in the world did you come up with this misconception?...

  • Hi Kandy,

    There is no such rule, you are free to travel as much as you like providing you follow the regulations of each country you visit.
  • My goodness, I have just read the rest of this thread , how could any one think you could only leave the USA for three months? The things folks write on this form, you couldn't make it up  :-?
  • Yes, you can travel to Guatemala for two times in a year or more then two times in a year. Just you need a valid visa.
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