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How to get VISA for my husband from DR to Belgium?


  • I am living in Belgium,but non Belgium,but EU citizens.
    I am in proces to get my ID card from Belgium.
    I am married to Dominican republic citizens.
    I want to invite my husband here to Belgium,ofcourse first i need
    to wait for my ID/Belgium...My questions is how exactly should i invite him?
    We want to apply for Schengen visa >90....Then when he will be in Belgium we would like
    to apply for residence visa. We was thinking about visa type D at the first time,but
    waiting time is between 6 months up to 1 year....Thats extremly long time for us. We are already
    couple of months appart,we want to be together as soon as possible. So what should we do?
    I am affraid he will not get visa maybe cause of wrong words in invitation letter....
    Should i invite him as my husband or as a friend....Cause if i do as a husband they can tell ,, why are you not applying for visa type D " ?
    Is here some one who knows how to do it right way?
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    Cindy 999

    Now you have supplied more info I can advise you. What EU country are you from?
    As you are exercising treaty rights, i.e, you are EU citizen living in Belgium you should apply for a spouse visa as the dependent of an EU national ( no visa fee is payable) There is a Belgian Consulate in the Dominican Republic.

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