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what is the cost of overstayed visa in Tunisia ??

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  • Greetings to everyone on this platform,please I want to confirm how much is presently the fee for overstayed visa in Tunisia per month ....thanks everyone
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    I have asked my Tunisian contacts what the fine is and there does not seem to be a fixed sum, which is what I told you in my last post 

    ....."You will also be fined at the airport when you leave after overstaying, fines vary for periods overstayed, you can also be detained in prison....."

    Also you can be banned from returning to Tunisia for a set time.

    Tunisian rules on the matter of overstaying are covered by Article 23 of Organic Law 68-7.

    Criminal Sanctions and Expulsion. Tunisian law provides criminal sanctions for irregular entry, stay and exit. Article 23 of Organic Law 68-7 provides for fines and imprisonment for up to a year for any non-national who enters or exits Tunisia without proper authorization or documentation, or overstays his/her visa or residence permit

    Lesley may be able to give you more information.
  • The penalty for overstay is tnd10.000 for each week or part thereof, however they can and often do charge more or nothing at all. If you want to be sure go to the local police station and have your visa extended. For future reference if anyone want to stay longer than the visa then a visit to the police to extend will save you worry
  • Lesley,

    I think from his previous posts that Nboy may already have overstayed, so he can't extend his visa.
  • Even if overstayed, he can go to police, pay the fine and they will extend, unless it has been a significant amount of time but it can also depend on his passport. From UK, America he maybe treated in a better way.
  • Lesley, Nboy is from Nigeria and was an overstayer back in June, when he wrote this

  • Ahhhh, ok I read it now! He has 2 choices. Go to the police and hope they extend isa or take his chances. Now many foreigners are stopped and asked for I.d. and if visa or carte de sejour cannot be provided then there can be problems. Nboy as Alethia has already told you, this is a foolish thing and it wont get better by waiting!
  • Thanks Alethia and Lesley ,I know it's not wise to have made this very move but like I said I was misinformed by the person who processed the visa for me..please ,I don't have any family here ,you guys 're the family I have right now ,I have been doing some menial jobs just to save for my flight and the penalty plans is to go to the airport on 31st December ,get a flight ticket and pay the penalty fee and head back to my country Nigeria..please ,sorry for bugging you with my numerous problems ,I really want to know how much the penalty fee could be by estimation and if possible ticket price from tunis airport to my country Abuja,Nigeria..thanks Alethia and Lesley for your kind gestures
  • Lesley please is 10.000 the same thing as 10dinars??
  • Nboy10,
    A one way ticket to Lagos starts around 1000 Turkish Dinar with Egyptair and Royal Air Maroc being the cheapest.
    Flights to Lagos are cheaper and easier to find, flights to Abuja are more expensive.
  • Nboy, if they charge you penalty of tnd10,000 by week overstay then just multiply this by weeks. Eg if your overstay is 6 months, 24 weeks then you will pay tnd240. If I were you then I would not wait for December! And yes 10,000 is 10 dinar.
  • Ohhh! Thank you very much Alethia and Lesley ,you two has been an immense help to me and am saying very big thank you from the bottom of my heart....that means 8months equates to 320dinars .hopefully ,I will make my trip cum first week of January.please ,is the penalty paid only at the airport during departure?
  • You can pay at airport but they may not be nice with you. What is stopping you to go to the police now? Do you think they won't give you extension to your visa so that you won't have to pay so much?
  • Ok Lesley, I will discuss it with my boss tomorrow to ascertain the level at which I can get the fees paid
  • Lesley how I wish I could see you to help me ,that would have been better because I have 400dinars now...I have been discussing with my boss on the issue of my return to Nigeria but seem to careless because they want me to work for them since am hardworking.
  • I am Indian from one month I was in tunis my visa validate was over can I get visa or without visa can I stay here plz can someone reply for mine post
  • You need to go to the police and hope they extend your visa, if not you will be fined and removed
  • Krishnakumar, currently the fee for overstay is tnd10,000 by week. You should go to the police as soon as possible to pay the fine and get an extension
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