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I am a residence in Belgium want to travel to sweden on a layover in UK

Hello there.
I am a residence in Belgium and want to travel to Sweden den via UK layover. Do i need a permit to layover flight? And if i want to exit the airport? Do i need a visa?


  • With super simple questions like this it's always better to simply check the Embassy website and get the answer right from the official source. In your case the answer is no.

    Happy travels.

  • Terry, we do not know Ammareu's nationality and residence in Belgium alone does not assist him. So he might indeed need a transit visa of which there are two types in the UK, airside transit or a visitor in transit visa.
  • You're absolutely correct of course, Alethia. This is one of the very few times I've forgotten to post, "As with many Visa questions you've failed to mention the single most important piece of information... what is your nationality?!"

    Ammareu, if you have a Belgium Passport then no problems of course, otherwise follow the link I gave you.

    Good luck.

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