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Slight change in first name on new passport

edited October 2014 in - Britain and Ireland
My son aged 4 years had his first name written as "Amaar" in his old passport which carried UK visitor visa (valid for 10 years), US visa (valid for 5 years) and Schengen visa (valid for 3 years, got from the French Embassy). All the three visas are still valid. I have got his new passport issued in which his first name is spelled "Amar". The change was made at our request to match the name to our local dialect. In a nutshell, we have removed a single 'a' from his first name. The passport office returned us the old passport and stamped it with annotation that a new passport has been issued. The new passport also carries number of his old passport.

My question is whether we need to apply for the UK, US and Schengen visas afresh. An urgent advice will be very helpful as we need to travel to the UK and France shortly. Many thanks.


  • No you do not need to apply for a fresh visa, but what you should have done is make an affidavit or statutory declaration with a lawyer to explain the legal name change.

    The wording should say something to the effect that from the date the new passport was issued your son will now be known as Amar so it coincides with the issue of the new passport.

    I assume "AMAAR" is the name also on his birth certificate so by changing the name on the passport you have made a legal name change and this must therefore be recorded legally.
  • Alethia, many thanks for your valuable advice. In fact, we have got his Birth Certificate with his correct name issued which itself is a legal document. The new birth certificate has also been attested from our Foreign Ministry. Do you think this will suffice, and there is going to be no issue on immigration counters?
  • There should be no problem now you have the correct document. Immigration officers often see slight differences in spellings of names.
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