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Schengen Visa - FRANCE

edited October 2014 in - France
I got the Schengen Visa to visit France. Everything looks fine in the Visa. But in the Remarks section, I see 'FAILLE' . Could any one help me to understand this? Is there any issue with the VISA?


  • If there was a problem they would not have issued the visa. Faille translates as break or rift so it does not really make sense.
  • Oh Ok. Thanks for your point!
    My friend got his visa now. And in the Remarks section he is having 'CASABONNE'. Am thinking that this should be the name of the person who is stamping and signing the VISA :)
  • Very odd but I would not worry. :)
  • Cool. Thanks Alethia :)

  • you can get visa without any problem 
  • Venura, you are talking rubbish, many people have problems obtaining a Schengen visa.
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