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Visa for India

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Could somebody please confirm the official requirements for entry to India for a South African? I know that I need a visa, but have read very conflicting reports about how much validity I need to have on my passport? Thanks in advance!


  • According to IATA your passport needs to be valid for the duration of your stay, however if it expires in the next few months I always recommend renewing it before you go! Renewing a passport in South Africa is relatively easy and takes about a week.
  • Thanks Anya! Some sources insist I need six months validity, which I don't quite have. But it should be valid for three months or so after my trip so that's fine. Do you know if there are any vaccinations I require or should consider getting?
  • Hi Wren,
    Those coming from areas with yellow fever require a vaccination and proof thereof, but last I checked South Africa doesn't fall into this category. Maybe just confirm with your doctor to be sure. Although they are not required, it may be a good idea to get vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and typhoid. Again, a good idea to discuss this with your doctor as some of it will only be necessary if you are going to rural areas etc. You will also need to take malaria medication for much of India - check with your doctor.
  • Maybe you will find this India Travel Guide useful - it includes info on things like health, climate and safety as well as top attractions and destinations in India. Enjoy your trip!
  • Only on-line Indian visa application forms are accepted. Once the application form has been printed, corrections can not be made. The Indian visa application form must be printed on two pages, and requires a signature on both pages. The applicant must sign under the photo on the first page, and at the bottom of the second page. Improperly completed India visa application forms will delay the processing of your visa.
  • I am a US Citizen and will be travelling on a 18 day cruise ship to SOUTHEAST ASIA & INDIA FROM SINGAPORE. I I am getting mix messages about visa requirements for Sri Lanka, India and Oman. I contacted the Cruise agent and they said that passenger/guest of the cruise ship do not require visa. However, they also provided me a website that mention visas are required for Sri Lanka, India and Oman. Now I am totally confused and may have to cancel my trip. I would greatly appreciate if you or anyone you know that have cruised SOUTHEAST ASIA & INDIA in the past for some feed back.

    Thank you for your help.

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    US citizens are granted a 30 day visa on arrival in Oman. No problem there. For Sri Lanka you can obtain a visa in minutes on the Electronic Travel Authorisation System (ETA) website.
    India also has an on line e visa system just go to the "indiavisaonline"

    Normally cruise passengers are granted transit visas but India could be a problem The India e visa line has a help line you can call.
    Have a great cruise
  • Thank you Alethia! you've been helpful and have made my day...
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