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Should I use a travel professional?

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I'm travelling in Europe over the next few months and I just wanted to know if anyone has a good resource for finding places in certain cities? I think it's so important to choose the right places to stay, yet if you take the hotel's word for it, you'd end up being very disappointed. So what travel resources does everyone use to find where they will stay?


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    My clients use my services for most of their travel needs. As a travel agent I have access to hotels and other resources that are not available to the general public. I suggest you find yourself a good travel agent. One that is knowledgeable and you trust. By building a relationship you will get better rates, better service and an overall better travel experience.
  • I, too, as a travel professional, recommend using a travel consultant that you trust. A professional will know the products, special pricing availability, and be willing do the required research to make sure that the hotel meets your needs. The professional will also be your best advocate if something goes wrong. Studies have consistently shown that, despite popular opinion to the contrary, travel agents offered clients lower rates than the client was able to get by surfing the web. That doesn't even begin to represent the lost time that individual spends trying to find their own.
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