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best time o visit tunisia

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hi i am mark I happened to come across this forum and i dont know if it is the right place to submit my question . So I've been talking to a tunisian girl for 3years and I'm in love with her. I'd like to marry her in the future.i want to book a hotel in monastir on march . do you thing it is the best time to go there she told me the weather will be cool and nice plus would  it be stupid to propose to her first or talk to her family i dont know how does it work  there .

thanks :)


  • Mark85 - if you are not a Muslim you are wasting your time!! Her father will not give her permission to marry a non-muslim man.

    Sure you can book a hotel in Monastir and yes March is still cool, but late April early May is much nicer, it's warm enough to swim. Just be warned that she will not be able to stay in the hotel with you. Here it is illegal for unmarried couples to stay in the same room. This does not apply to foreign unmarried couples.
  • thanks for replying i think you are right june would be perfect to go there :)
  • Ideal times to visit in Tunisia in the springtime, particularly from April to June, when the fields in the north are a picture of blooming poppies. Actually Tunisia’s climate is Mediterranean, so summers can grow very hot.
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    Hahahahaha - I know you are some kind of robot thing but I'm laughing 'cos if you can find an empty field in the north in spring time with blooming poppies then I need to take a left turn!!! We are classed as a Med climate but in the north it does not get as hot as the south and the Sahel is usually mild all year. What a loser Skander!!
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