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Uk general/visa application without letter of invitation

edited November 2014 in - Britain and Ireland
Dear all,anybody's help and experience would be most appreciated:I am a Moldovan citizen, female, and I am over 30 years of age. I am currently in the process of applying for a Uk general/tourist Visa. I plan on a weekend trip, to do sight seeing in London. I have outlined a full itinerary and have booked my hotel, have detailed emails from tour guides in London and have researched all the sites i wish to visits ( tickets costs, opening hrs, travel).I have traveled to other European countries: Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and recently came back from a 10 day holiday from Malta. I have traveled to the USA, and have a 10 year visa for USA.I am have been working in my current job for over 4.5 years, and by moldovan standards i earn very good money. I have my own apartment, paid for and undertake extra educational courses 3 nights a week in French.My concern is that I do not have any strong friend relationships in the Uk, for letters of invitation/sponsorship etc. Will my USA visa, which is open for 10 years and the fact I have more than sufficient funds to support myself, the trip has been thoroughly planned, hotels booked, return tickets booked, and bookings made for my trip ( meals/theatre/tourist attractions), have a long standing job, earn good money, own my own apartment be enough? or will the fact: i have nobody in the Uk, sponsor invitation completely veto all of the above? or will for example my strong ties to my country (social and economical) + my USA visa valid for 10 years ( it still has 8 years on it), be more than enough? I feel I have a strong application but I would like to know if not having a letter of invitation is going to be a huge obstacle. I am in conflict, as I do not wish to proceed if I am going to be denied. I have never experienced any problems with any other applications for visa to any other countries I have visited ( aprt form Malta any other European country I had no problem gaining a tourist visa before Schengen, Moldovans gained Schengen status earlier this year).any help would be appreciated.many kind thank yours Xenia


  • You don't need a letter of invitation for a tourist visa. Just provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself, and that you have made travel arrangements.
  • Xenia81, as Anya said you do not need a sponsor or an invitation to apply for the UK visa. The main thing UK immigration look for is strong ties to your own country which you appear to have.
  • ty Anya K and Alethia for your replies.

    Thank you for your time in answering. Your answers give me the confidence to move forward and process my application.


    have a nice day!

    many thanks Xenia
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